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In business since1999, McCoyMania sells a large variety of antique collectible pottery. Our primary focus is on McCoy pottery and Brush McCoy pottery. We have been collecting antique pottery since 1990 and continue to do so today. The pottery we sell comes from our personal collection, or are purchased by ourselves at estate sales, flea markets, auctions, and antique markets. We also carry other pieces of pottery in our inventory that may be available for purchase. If there is a specific piece of pottery that you are searching for, please email us. 

Our 100% guarantee is as stated. We stand behind everything we sell with our 100% guarantee. We will never intentionally misrepresent a piece we sell, and we will never sell a reproduction or fake piece of pottery as being an original. We accurately describe all pieces for sale, with note to any post factory damage or issues. Occasional uneven areas in the glaze and pin-pricks are normal post factory and will be noted if substantial. Please email us if you have any questions about a specific piece. Our goal is for each customer to be pleased with their purchase.

Concerning marks ... McCoy and Brush McCoy pottery came with and without marks from the factory. Any item for sale on our site that is identified as McCoy or Brush McCoy has been verified from reference books and or catalog sheets. If a piece is unmarked we guarantee it is as stated. Please email us if you have any questions about a specific piece.

Shipping charges are included in all pricing and are based on standard shipping within the  U.S . Expedited shipping such as 2nd Day and Next Day delivery are not included in pricing, and are available for additional cost upon request. For international orders, please email  us. Shipment is within 3 days of receipt of your funds.  We properly pack and insure all packages. In over 9 years of shipments we've only had one of our pieces arrive damaged, and it had been severely crushed by the shipper.  We have had several people ask through the years how and why do we give free shipping. Simply put, we want our customers to be able to make an easy purchase, without the worry and costs of additional charges.

Methods of payment accepted are personal checks, money orders and credit cards via the Paypal payment service. Paypal is one of the largest payment services in the industry. It allows any individual with a credit card or bank account to send money to another party. It is perfectly safe, secure, and does so without divulging financial information. PayPal is a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 164 million accounts worldwide.  

Gift certificates are available and are very popular with our customers. For more information please go to our gift certificate page.

Contact us at jameus@aol.com if you have any questions. We check our email as often as possible. You may also text us at jameus@vtext.com if a more prompt response is needed.  


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For more information about McCoy pottery:  

The McCoy Pottery Collectors Society publishes a quarterly journal for Society members. For more information, visit mccoypotterycollectorssociety.org

The NMXpress, a monthly newsletter for McCoy collectors provides current news & articles on McCoy. For more information, go to mccoylovers.com.

 Both of these provide a vast wealth of information about McCoy pottery and we highly recommend each one. 


When buying McCoy pottery on the Internet, please consider these things:  Try to obtain information on any seller you consider buying from.  Ask your seller if they offer a 100% guarantee on what they sell, and ask if they guarantee it is an original authentic piece of McCoy pottery. There are many fake, knock-off, replicas, reproductions of McCoy pottery on the market and unfortunately there are many unscrupulous dealers that will sell these as originals.  Ebay is notorious for allowing these to be sold as originals and often has hundreds of fakes at any given time.

Please visit these links concerning known McCoy pottery fakes:





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1940's  McCoy pottery


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1970's  McCoy Floraline 


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1950's  McCoy pottery



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1930's  McCoy pottery